About us

A multimedia company that specializes in design, production, and marketing. We are a dynamic team of creative strategists, consultants, and technicians. Our work environment enables our team members to freely contribute, collaborate, and learn from one another. With this unparalleled commitment and agility, we established a reputation for artistry and effective outputs.

We listen and work closely with our clients to deliver enduring success. We work with a variety of industries, big or small – catering to corporate, academic, and personal multimedia needs. We are constantly thrilled to exceed ourselves after every milestone we have accomplished.

We are BLINK Creative Studio.

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Pushing the limits of imagination, intuition, and intellect to create effective multimedia outputs that drive our clients’ long-term success.


The Blink Creative Studio as a leading company for stimulating culture, business, and society with multimedia outputs that communicate ideas, conversations, and stories.

Core Team

After gaining experience and weight in corporate work, Likas called it quits and founded his own studio. Blink is a passion project born out of his love for photography. He now manages the studio and his ice cream addiction.

Likas Aspiras

Managing Director

For someone who spends and enjoys a lot of time surfing the web to devour information and entertainment, it's no surprise why Debbie is a digital whiz. She abhors mediocrity and prefers her puns intended. She’s the perfect combo of sass, class, and badass.

Debbie Melgarejo

Digital Marketing Manager

To manage dyslexia, JM became a voracious reader which led her to become a storyteller. She finds great comfort performing, cleaning and collecting quaint stuff. Although she has a "granny" taste and demeanor, she has progressive views about society.

JM Gift

Content Production Specialist

Joshua believes the key to serve and empower communities is good design and technology. Just as how the internet was instrumental for discovering, supporting, and connecting with other artists. To materialize these dreams, he doesn't skip breakfast.

Joshua Salazar

Front-End Developer

Sam is a “behind the camera” type of guy. He is also our resident tech support and repairman. Whether it's work, family, or relationship, he firmly observes the “ora et labora” (prayer & work) ethic.

Sam Lapie

Video Editor/Animator

A self-proclaimed rapper and an avid siomai-lover; Utes is Blink Creative Studio’s comedian show-stopper. With humor so dark that it makes our sighs the deepest, we always wonder why he's our graphic artist.

Utes Salazar

Graphic Artist

Back in high school, Lyle tried Adobe Photoshop CS3 to be a digital illustrator. She wonders how she ended up becoming a graphic designer. She still sketches using pen and paper but not as often as drinking soda and eating ice cream.

Lyle Belsonda

Graphic Designer

For most days of the week, Lia is the first to arrive and the last to leave the studio. She is very task-oriented and adaptable to work with. Although she likes to challenge norms, she can't help but subscribe to the K-drama and J-pop mania.

Lia Silot

Admin Officer

Despite beer consumption, an insatiable appetite, and a previous pregnancy, Ey still has her beauty pageant figure. She got her office nickname “Inday” for a convincing impersonation of a household nanny. Past her resting bitch face is a warm and free-spirited lass.

Ey Almadovar

Admin Assistant

Gio started as an intern in the studio both to cover the field and discover his niche. He draws portraits, photographs, and graphic design. On top of gaining prowess in visual arts, he is also the bassist of "Happy Ending" band.

Gio Alvarez

Production Assistant

Ideas made effective

When excellence is not an option but an obligation - let’s say we make it a habit, that’s when we create innovative solutions that drive society and creativity forward.